About Us

Prismm Environmental has been supplying waste management solutions to our clients since the year 2000.

We have built specialist skills and knowledge across all areas of waste output from UK factories, including the most difficult materials that are often still landfilled. We have developed solutions across all areas of waste with the aim of achieving zero to landfill for our clients.

About Us - Specialist Skills

We have strong and trusted relationships with our extensive network of waste contractors across the UK, allowing us to match the best local contractors in the area for the specific waste output of your site.

About Us - Strong and Trusted Relationships

We offer an open book service which allows us to better negotiate prices in the market to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

About Us - Open Book Service

We are proven waste service providers and trusted waste consultants for many suppliers and associations including the BPIF (The British Printing Industries Federation)

About Us - Proven Waste Service Providers

Two of Prismm's Board members are on the Board and Council of The Recycling Association – the leading waste material lobbying company for the UK.

About Us - Recycling Association

We have a proven track record and now manage over one hundred waste sites in the UK.

About Us - Proven Track Record

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