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Complypak is a registered packaging compliance scheme. Find out if you need to register..

Waste Facilities Management

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On your side – contractor management. From large groups to individual sites. Complex waste systems made simple.

Waste Consultancy

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One off tenders. Systems analysis and recommendations. Environmental Audits.

Industry Focus

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For those in print, plastics and producers of hazardous waste.

WEEE Comply

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WEEEComply provides efficient and low cost compliance with the WEEE regulations. Find out if you need to register...


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Complypak is a registered packaging compliance scheme. Find out if you need to register..

Zero Labels 2 Landfill


The Prismm Zero 2 Landfill Scheme aims to divert label waste in the print industry from landfill to recycling or recovery

Latest News

All recycling revenues are maximised to ensure our clients enjoy the maximum in increased revenues.

  • Print and packaging industry recycling up for debate

    Published Date: 13/02/2018

    Prismm Environmental managing director Mike Jackson will be challenging printers, packaging companies and label producers to scrutinise their recycling practices at a debate taking place on the Eco Pa...
  • Is plastic the villain here?

    Published Date: 09/02/2018

    The plastic problem has become a huge topic of interest in recent months, with many businesses, and consumers taking matters into their own hands following the screening of Blue Planet II.   ...
  • First to trade recyclable paper using Bitcoin in the UK

    Published Date: 14/12/2017

    The first trade of bales of recyclable paper in the UK using the crypto-currency Bitcoin has taken place. Last week we bought several loads of paper from Parry &...

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