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On your side – contractor management. From large groups to individual sites. Complex waste systems made simple.

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One off tenders. Systems analysis and recommendations. Environmental Audits.

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For those in print, plastics and producers of hazardous waste.

WEEE Comply

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WEEEComply provides efficient and low cost compliance with the WEEE regulations. Find out if you need to register...


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Complypak is a registered packaging compliance scheme. Find out if you need to register...

Zero Labels 2 Landfill


The Prismm Zero 2 Landfill Scheme aims to divert label waste in the print industry from landfill to recycling or recovery

Latest News

All recycling revenues are maximised to ensure our clients enjoy the maximum in increased revenues.

  • PeterLynn achieves Zero Labels 2 Landfill

    Published Date: 04/01/2017

                PeterLynn are proud to announce, that in our constant drive to reduce waste, and as part of our ISO 14001 commitment we have implemented Prismm Environmenta...
  • Amberley achieves Zero Labels 2 Landfill

    Published Date: 04/01/2017

           Simply by segregating our label conversion waste we can ensure that a 100% diversion from landfill is achieved. With brand owners and supermarkets putting pressure on the...
  • Zero Labels 2 Landfill scheme certified

    Published Date: 28/12/2016

    Prismm Environmental and BPIF Labels now offer certification for label printers enrolled in the Zero Labels 2 Landfill scheme. Over 50 sites have successfully joined the scheme, all of which have been...

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